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  • "Booking swimming lessons for my 8 and 4 year old was one of the best decisions that I made this summer and it was worth every penny. At the beginning of the summer, my 8 year old daughter was at level 4 and by the end of the summer she had completed level 6. My 4 year old son was barely able to do a front and back float and couldn’t play without a floatie. By the end of the summer he was swimming like a fish." - Eduji (Ottawa, ON)

  • "My children were at a basic level 1 and now they are at a level 3 in just a few months. You helped them to build their confidence in the water and they can now safely swim. The children will miss you and I am looking forward to working with you next summer to further improve their swimming. Thank you!!" - Sena (Ottawa, ON)

  • "To all adult beginners who still hesitate to start, I would say to join! My instructor helped me navigate the swimming lesson process to swim better and with a lot more confidence. She is very open with communication and consistently offers feedback and suggestions. It is fun, good exercise and also a lifesaving skill. Thank you again. Keep up the great work." - B. Lo (Ottawa, ON)

  • "Thank you for giving the girls the best summer! Your synchro lessons MADE their summer! It started out as a fun idea and became so much more for all of us. Thank you for your expertise and easy ability to connect and coach the girls! They all adored you! Unbelievable how much they learned in ten lessons. They were beyond excited each week and felt so proud of their accomplishments. You’re the best and we will highly recommend you to everyone! Keep in touch!" - Danielle & Amy (Ottawa, ON)

  • "My six-year old son had no water experience and was a new Canadian, with English being a new language. Despite these shortcomings, my son took to the instructor who is patient and understanding. I am glad I took a chance on these private swimming classes. My son learns faster one-on-one and has already gained confidence through the lessons." - Rachel (Ottawa, ON



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